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45422 Camino Monzon and the importance of pricing correctly!

Coming up with the right price when selling your home is certainly a balancing act. You want to ask for as much as possible, but not so much that you turn away potential buyers. You also don’t want to cheat yourself with a price that’s lower than your home’s worth.

The “right” price is one that’s in tune with what similar homes are selling for in your market. It’s a figure that you and the buyer agree accurately reflects the home’s value. One of the things we do with our team is understand the markets that we work on, we constantly evaluate the market so that when we make a pricing recommendation, we don’t over, or under price your home. That market analysis and understanding was on full display with 45422 Camino Monzon! After we make a price recommendation that will ensure an offer, we immediately get to work on our marketing strategy! The reason why we apply a robust marketing plan along side correct pricing is because we need to create a buzz around your property.

One of the first things that we do is take professional photos of the home. This allows for your first viewings of your home (Which take place online) will inspire someone to call their agent, and schedule an appointment to come see it. We then take those videos are create a YouTube video for it. The reason that we do this is because YouTube is a powerful search engine that homeowners use to get a feel for the community, neighborhood, and other homes in the area.

By understanding how these search engies work, we are able to get it on the front page of YouTube so that when people are looking in a community around the Redhawk Golf Course for example, one of the first properties will be the one we created for the home we are trying to sell! In the screen shot below you’ll see that we took the property video on Camino Monzon, created a title that reflects how people search on YouTube, optimized it accordingly, and it came up as number 1 for that search!

We use video optimization on YouTube to make sure that property videos rank on the front page and with that, we direct anyone who is looking for information about the property to visit the single property website at that has all of the information about the property, and a way to contact one of our agents to answer any questions about it.

The reason why we work so hard to get them to visit our site is because accuracy of information is extremely important to us, and because we have researched the property, and the market surrounding it, we can make sure that any information that comes out about it is the most up to date and accurate.

Nextwe take a look at HOW people search for homes. You’ve obviously heard of Zillow, Trulia, and These are the three biggest Real Estate related search platforms. Because of that we ensure that all of our listings are featured on those sites as well.

The Online Syndication


It was listed on (Camino Monzon Link) which receives 39.7 million regular users.

It is also placed on Zillow and Trulia which is known as the Zillow Group, and has 73.5 million unique users across desktop and mobile devices. Which accounts for 64% of all online related real estate searches. Property is listed on Zillow and Trulia (Your Property Link)

This beautiful home, and the owners who we got to work with where a pleasure to work with. We went live with it on August 8th 2018 at the price of $575,000, had an open house on August 11th, and it went under contract a few days later with a total time on market of 16 days! We would love to talk to you or anyone you know about applying our same marketing, listing, and pricing expertise to your home!




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